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    By :By :By :By :RE: Not covered thugroh didn’t answer my question. there is no check on their demand for healthcare. everyone essentially does have insurance. why then does healthcare cost so much less than in the US?What do you mean there is no check on their demand? The government prescribes what is allowed. Health care is rationed just about everywhere on the insurance companies do the same here only much much worse. millions have lost their healthcare coverage and it hasn’t dented costs. should we do away with our employer based system and that would fix that problem? your plan doesn’t work and it isn’t working.My plan isn’t working? Obamacare is more of what we have! It will make things worse. Neither what we have now, or more of it (Obamacare) is my plan. You’re completely failing to understand the role of insurers on inflation of healthcare costs when you say things like insurance companies do the same here only much worse. Health insurance is inflationary and more of it will collapse the entire system, if not the entire economy. Rate this comment: 0 0

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